Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sohee's narrative essay

Not every woman is the same. Every woman has a dream about her life, even if she is married. When I was six years old, my parents finally achieved the goal of buying a house. They bought an apartment. As soon as we moved into the apartment, my mom quit her job and became a typical Korean housewife as my friends’ moms. At the time,  working in the society s a woman was an unusual thing. It was very common that women did housework and took care of their children.
We lived on the 11th floor. As soon as we moved in, my mom started handing out Rice cakes to every floor. By giving it, my mom had a chance to know many housewives in the apartments. Since she quit the job, she had plenty time to get together with them. She had first friend who lived in 10th floor and the 10th floor woman was close with a 9th floor woman. Anyways, when I get back from the school, if there was no mom at home, that meant that my mom is some floor in the apartment, talking with those women.
As time went by, their relationship got more intimate. They did everyting together such as going shopping, hair salon and even public bath. That’s how I internalized what the women do after the marriage. So I thought that my marriage life will look like that. When I get married, I will not work, I will stay home, and take care of my children.
One day, our family had a dinner at 9th floor’s family. After the dinner, we were waiting for an elevator that came from the first floor to 9th floor so that we could reach to 11th floor, where we lived was my house located. When the door opened, a deep rose scent came out of it. A woman who looked like a missionary woman with hope was in the elevator. It was first time seeing her in the apartment. So we thought that she was just a visitor or something. After that, we had more chance to meet in the elevator and my mom just assumed that she was a resident in the Apartment.
Whenever I saw her, she always worn high heels, and tailored suit with a nice scent. She was so stylish just like a TV star. I was shocked. Women in Korea didn’t work at that time, but she was always busy and working hard. We found out that she did a business and earned from 5000 dollars to 10000 dollars in a month. She always had confidence and elegance. I think that’s how I started building my future in my mind. She became my role-model. I realized that a woman can have a dream and dream about the future. Woman is not a subject staying at home. They can do economic activities.

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