Sunday, November 29, 2015

Imagination letter. Sample of business letter for prictice :p

To whom may concern
My name is Rachel Hwang. I run an acedemy in Korea. In the summer Vacation, i want to send my students to your summer camp programs.

I know your summer camp runs for only residents but I really like the programs. One of my friend who is resdent in the town sent her kid to the camp and the kid really liked it. She told me that she is going to send her kid this summer, too.  If my students participate the camp, their competence for speaking and listening will be strengthen. It will be about 5 girls.

you don’t have to worry about their accommondation and safty. My parents live in the town. Also, I am with them. I will be their guidence.

Please contact with me as soon as possible ohterwise, I have to find another camp programs in other town.

I appriciate your time.


Rachel Hwang

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