Sunday, November 29, 2015

Imagination letter. Sample of business letter for prictice :p

To whom may concern
My name is Rachel Hwang. I run an acedemy in Korea. In the summer Vacation, i want to send my students to your summer camp programs.

I know your summer camp runs for only residents but I really like the programs. One of my friend who is resdent in the town sent her kid to the camp and the kid really liked it. She told me that she is going to send her kid this summer, too.  If my students participate the camp, their competence for speaking and listening will be strengthen. It will be about 5 girls.

you don’t have to worry about their accommondation and safty. My parents live in the town. Also, I am with them. I will be their guidence.

Please contact with me as soon as possible ohterwise, I have to find another camp programs in other town.

I appriciate your time.


Rachel Hwang

Friday, November 20, 2015

guess what I got from Thailand....!

 it is an interior stuff from the Thailand, ♡
 I am not even married..but.. why I am so interesting in interior light, dishes, furniture?
In Thailand, something also caught my two eyes! it was cute giraffe light.

 So cute ! it was only 20 dollars. How can I just passed by?

Since it was my half high, I didn't think I can bring it to my nation, Korea. 
but it was prefabricated. Thanks god ! I could bring to Kora.
 I felt a little cruel to separate its legs and arms. jkjk... 

 After shopping, we went to street restaurant. Great seefood. !

Thailand photo book !

 Bangkok City ♡♡♡
first day in the city.. was so excited ! as you can notice by my walking step !
 alone the street. Found Fresh Squized MANGO juice !!!!!!
 It was very cheap price...... mango the love *_*

 2 dollars only ! this big!!!
finished it <3

Korean moms who consider sending your children abroad must look at this!

<You Should Learn English in America>

There are sixty countries that use English as their official language. The most representative well known country  to  Korean is Philippines. Here in my essay, I am going to talk about why you shouldn't send them to Philippines. Your idea for sending them to Philippine will be changed after you read this.

When you consider sending your children abroad to learn English, you might think once about sending them to Philippines because it has a lower cost of living, and cheaper tuition.
However, language is culture. English is not a just speaking skill. Imagine sending your children to Philippines and learn only Philippines culture so that when he communicate with Americans, he might not communicate with them very well. For example, in America, when people see each other, they say “good morning” in the morning even though they don't know each other and when they hit each other they say “excuse me”. Those things are learned only in America and England. If you really wish to put your children a higher stage, don't let them learn just English. Let them learn about the language. So please don't grudge the expense once you decide to send your children abroad.

In Philippines, not everybody speaks English. They have gap between the rich and the poor. So only the rich people can get educated. When your children is in the country, he can't have not much chance to meet with English Speaker. Even though they meet Speakers, they use Tagalish which is impropriety and mixture of Tagalog and English.

In the institute, there are more Korean Speakers than English speakers. If it is man to man class, or English speaker is more than Korean speakers in the classroom, then it is okay to learn English, but the reality is not like that.

Consider your children’s future. If you want your children to be internationally talented person, don't hesitate to send them to America. You might save money for now for sending them to Philippine but your children will earn less than the ones who studied abroad in America. Remember, The Perfect English is necessary in Korea. And the English is not just skill. It is culture.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sohee's narrative essay

Not every woman is the same. Every woman has a dream about her life, even if she is married. When I was six years old, my parents finally achieved the goal of buying a house. They bought an apartment. As soon as we moved into the apartment, my mom quit her job and became a typical Korean housewife as my friends’ moms. At the time,  working in the society s a woman was an unusual thing. It was very common that women did housework and took care of their children.
We lived on the 11th floor. As soon as we moved in, my mom started handing out Rice cakes to every floor. By giving it, my mom had a chance to know many housewives in the apartments. Since she quit the job, she had plenty time to get together with them. She had first friend who lived in 10th floor and the 10th floor woman was close with a 9th floor woman. Anyways, when I get back from the school, if there was no mom at home, that meant that my mom is some floor in the apartment, talking with those women.
As time went by, their relationship got more intimate. They did everyting together such as going shopping, hair salon and even public bath. That’s how I internalized what the women do after the marriage. So I thought that my marriage life will look like that. When I get married, I will not work, I will stay home, and take care of my children.
One day, our family had a dinner at 9th floor’s family. After the dinner, we were waiting for an elevator that came from the first floor to 9th floor so that we could reach to 11th floor, where we lived was my house located. When the door opened, a deep rose scent came out of it. A woman who looked like a missionary woman with hope was in the elevator. It was first time seeing her in the apartment. So we thought that she was just a visitor or something. After that, we had more chance to meet in the elevator and my mom just assumed that she was a resident in the Apartment.
Whenever I saw her, she always worn high heels, and tailored suit with a nice scent. She was so stylish just like a TV star. I was shocked. Women in Korea didn’t work at that time, but she was always busy and working hard. We found out that she did a business and earned from 5000 dollars to 10000 dollars in a month. She always had confidence and elegance. I think that’s how I started building my future in my mind. She became my role-model. I realized that a woman can have a dream and dream about the future. Woman is not a subject staying at home. They can do economic activities.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blog link

this is not a blog, but I think this site helps me. Since I am green card holder in US, they give me ways to keep the card while I am away from US. if I have any question, I can ask a question to them, too.

this blog helps me for understand why I have to use Social media!

this blog helps me finding any summer camp in the US. I can have information and use it.



Sunday, October 25, 2015

About me :)

My blog's goal is learning about BUSINESS. 
as soon as I graduate, I will have certificate of English Education.
With that, someday in the future, I want to open a English academy school and  a business about agency that help oversea students to take a place in US.

imagine, what if i do those kind of business, I think i need things to know.

I Think, small business is dependable on SNS these days.
so i want to know how does SNS work in business, and how it function, how it help the business. Once I found the mechanism, it would be easy for me to work.

second, how to open a business as an foreigner.  I am not a foreigner in Korea, but I have green card in US. The Korea classifies me as a foreigner in Korea.
 so that's the thing I have to find out.

when i open an agency, I have to make products to sell. I want to plan about it.
maybe I can send students for a summer camp in US. I have to know how much it costs, how much it cost for living whole summer there, finding home-stay house,,  how much profit i get through it.

I will search through bolgs. so the first thing is finding blogs !

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sohee's opinion about same sax marriage should not be legalization.

Climate change effects on raising disease, bad result in farm work, and everything in human life. It obviously makes things worse. Just like that, same sex marriage should not be legalized because it destroys the social values, traditional gender role, and mother nature. First of all, same sex marriage violates the mother nature. When people fall in love, they get married. Through the system of marriage, they finally reach the destination of love: giving birth to babies. Because of this, same sex marriage is totally nonsense. In the result, it causes a decrease in the birth rate. To continuously maintain a nation or culture, certain numbers of people is needed. The nations have to encourage citizens to have more babies in order to increase the birth rate to citizen to keep the nation in a good nation. Second, same sex marriage causes AIDS. As known to many people, it is a catastrophic illness. It has no certain cure medicine. When same sex marriage is legalized, the rate of AIDS jumps up because it spreads through a same sex couple having anal and oral sex. Also, it is a contagious infection. Lastly, same sex couple could have negative effects on their children. Just because being their children, they might have to face the challenges. Classmates might tease them and they might feel discrimination in school. In the childhood, it is really important period because in that period, they learn how to form relationships and social skills. If they miss the opportunity of learning those educations, there is less possibility of socialization. It is now a society problem. It is not only breaking the law, but also disobeying the nature by not reaching to the destination of love: procreation. Which is human’s instinct when a man and woman fall in love each other. Plus, it also causes a social issue: birth rate. Why does God create men and women? There should be a reason. So it is obviously swimming upstream against mother nature and traditional roles. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Idiom prictice and articles

many second language learner make mistakes in Idioms and Articles.
They know it but when they speech, they make mistakes over and over. 
i have my suggestion to improve those mistakes! 
if you prictice again and again, you will be used to do it.! 
so i suggest this web-site. 

   Articles practice

i tried, but  only got  80% corrected...

 got wrong on these question

corrected, but still didnt get..

finally, i got everything corrected.!!
Idiom practice 

 terrible... only 50 percents!

got butter, but still more to go..
i want to get a hundred!
keep it up~~!
Finally! i achieved all corrected.!! yeah~~

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wanna know about me? Click this ! :D

introducing myself !

<family member>
I have twin brothers. They just turned into 21. They were so good. But they just turned in evil. No one controls them. For example, They didn't smoke before but now they starts. Also the last one starts driving and always making a car accident. The insurance price went high. So my family's top topic is the twins these day. We hope things get better soon.

 bad guys never smile... haha..  even when taking family picture too..
we always go like hey twins! smile please!! T,T
my brothers used to be skinny.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
he was kind when he was skinny.
because of the fat, they turned evil? ... what's the problem to them? T.T 

<part time job>
I am taking a course for English Education. I have been thinking about my future job. Should I be a teacher? What should i do? I am taking course for education but I knew that it is really hard to become a teacher in Korea. And my mom gave me a advice about taking a part time job for teaching so that i can decide to become a teacher or not. At that time i thought it wasn't that good idea. But after taking a job, i really appreciate my mom. It was great experience and i really loved it. My part time job makes me sure to become a teacher. Even though it is really hard to become a teacher if you are rigid, hard, sure enough about your dream you can do everything in you. And I strongly believe it.

they were my students. they are non-identical twin brothers who are fifth grade now. so cute! i miss them so so so so so much <33

<how was your vacation>
I always do something in my vacation. But this summer vacation ,which was my last vacation in my school year, was so boring since i am looking for my job after graduation. Nothing fun at all. I thought i need something to refresh. And i looked for some place i can travel. I had so little time before the semester starts. Therefore i choose thai land . It takes only five hours and the price was quite reasonable. Anyways, it was so much fun than i expected. Clubs, cheap prices, and foods. I loved it. If i have chance to visit there again, i would go for sure.
with thai friend ! 

every night, we had a fun fun fun extra fun night! hehe~ 

cheap food made me crazy..
 I think Bangkok is just a HEAVEN !! 
Love Love it ♡