Friday, November 20, 2015

Korean moms who consider sending your children abroad must look at this!

<You Should Learn English in America>

There are sixty countries that use English as their official language. The most representative well known country  to  Korean is Philippines. Here in my essay, I am going to talk about why you shouldn't send them to Philippines. Your idea for sending them to Philippine will be changed after you read this.

When you consider sending your children abroad to learn English, you might think once about sending them to Philippines because it has a lower cost of living, and cheaper tuition.
However, language is culture. English is not a just speaking skill. Imagine sending your children to Philippines and learn only Philippines culture so that when he communicate with Americans, he might not communicate with them very well. For example, in America, when people see each other, they say “good morning” in the morning even though they don't know each other and when they hit each other they say “excuse me”. Those things are learned only in America and England. If you really wish to put your children a higher stage, don't let them learn just English. Let them learn about the language. So please don't grudge the expense once you decide to send your children abroad.

In Philippines, not everybody speaks English. They have gap between the rich and the poor. So only the rich people can get educated. When your children is in the country, he can't have not much chance to meet with English Speaker. Even though they meet Speakers, they use Tagalish which is impropriety and mixture of Tagalog and English.

In the institute, there are more Korean Speakers than English speakers. If it is man to man class, or English speaker is more than Korean speakers in the classroom, then it is okay to learn English, but the reality is not like that.

Consider your children’s future. If you want your children to be internationally talented person, don't hesitate to send them to America. You might save money for now for sending them to Philippine but your children will earn less than the ones who studied abroad in America. Remember, The Perfect English is necessary in Korea. And the English is not just skill. It is culture.

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