Friday, September 11, 2015

Idiom prictice and articles

many second language learner make mistakes in Idioms and Articles.
They know it but when they speech, they make mistakes over and over. 
i have my suggestion to improve those mistakes! 
if you prictice again and again, you will be used to do it.! 
so i suggest this web-site. 

   Articles practice

i tried, but  only got  80% corrected...

 got wrong on these question

corrected, but still didnt get..

finally, i got everything corrected.!!
Idiom practice 

 terrible... only 50 percents!

got butter, but still more to go..
i want to get a hundred!
keep it up~~!
Finally! i achieved all corrected.!! yeah~~

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wanna know about me? Click this ! :D

introducing myself !

<family member>
I have twin brothers. They just turned into 21. They were so good. But they just turned in evil. No one controls them. For example, They didn't smoke before but now they starts. Also the last one starts driving and always making a car accident. The insurance price went high. So my family's top topic is the twins these day. We hope things get better soon.

 bad guys never smile... haha..  even when taking family picture too..
we always go like hey twins! smile please!! T,T
my brothers used to be skinny.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
he was kind when he was skinny.
because of the fat, they turned evil? ... what's the problem to them? T.T 

<part time job>
I am taking a course for English Education. I have been thinking about my future job. Should I be a teacher? What should i do? I am taking course for education but I knew that it is really hard to become a teacher in Korea. And my mom gave me a advice about taking a part time job for teaching so that i can decide to become a teacher or not. At that time i thought it wasn't that good idea. But after taking a job, i really appreciate my mom. It was great experience and i really loved it. My part time job makes me sure to become a teacher. Even though it is really hard to become a teacher if you are rigid, hard, sure enough about your dream you can do everything in you. And I strongly believe it.

they were my students. they are non-identical twin brothers who are fifth grade now. so cute! i miss them so so so so so much <33

<how was your vacation>
I always do something in my vacation. But this summer vacation ,which was my last vacation in my school year, was so boring since i am looking for my job after graduation. Nothing fun at all. I thought i need something to refresh. And i looked for some place i can travel. I had so little time before the semester starts. Therefore i choose thai land . It takes only five hours and the price was quite reasonable. Anyways, it was so much fun than i expected. Clubs, cheap prices, and foods. I loved it. If i have chance to visit there again, i would go for sure.
with thai friend ! 

every night, we had a fun fun fun extra fun night! hehe~ 

cheap food made me crazy..
 I think Bangkok is just a HEAVEN !! 
Love Love it ♡