Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sohee's opinion about same sax marriage should not be legalization.

Climate change effects on raising disease, bad result in farm work, and everything in human life. It obviously makes things worse. Just like that, same sex marriage should not be legalized because it destroys the social values, traditional gender role, and mother nature. First of all, same sex marriage violates the mother nature. When people fall in love, they get married. Through the system of marriage, they finally reach the destination of love: giving birth to babies. Because of this, same sex marriage is totally nonsense. In the result, it causes a decrease in the birth rate. To continuously maintain a nation or culture, certain numbers of people is needed. The nations have to encourage citizens to have more babies in order to increase the birth rate to citizen to keep the nation in a good nation. Second, same sex marriage causes AIDS. As known to many people, it is a catastrophic illness. It has no certain cure medicine. When same sex marriage is legalized, the rate of AIDS jumps up because it spreads through a same sex couple having anal and oral sex. Also, it is a contagious infection. Lastly, same sex couple could have negative effects on their children. Just because being their children, they might have to face the challenges. Classmates might tease them and they might feel discrimination in school. In the childhood, it is really important period because in that period, they learn how to form relationships and social skills. If they miss the opportunity of learning those educations, there is less possibility of socialization. It is now a society problem. It is not only breaking the law, but also disobeying the nature by not reaching to the destination of love: procreation. Which is human’s instinct when a man and woman fall in love each other. Plus, it also causes a social issue: birth rate. Why does God create men and women? There should be a reason. So it is obviously swimming upstream against mother nature and traditional roles. 


  1. I do agree that the gay marriage would bring a lot of confusion to children.

  2. Hi, cocoSohee xD I like your cute nickname. Anyway, I have different idea on your opinion. I don't think that the goal of every marriage is not a baby. There are lots of heterosexual couples who have no babies. They focus on their relationship, not on a baby after a marriage. Moreover, It never can be an obligation to have a baby for all couples. :) well,if there is a 'mother nature', there also is a 'father nature', and 'parent nature' could make sense also! I'm worrying about that our citizenship is not mature enough to understand of homosexual love. I believe every kind of love could be equal. ^^