Sunday, October 25, 2015

About me :)

My blog's goal is learning about BUSINESS. 
as soon as I graduate, I will have certificate of English Education.
With that, someday in the future, I want to open a English academy school and  a business about agency that help oversea students to take a place in US.

imagine, what if i do those kind of business, I think i need things to know.

I Think, small business is dependable on SNS these days.
so i want to know how does SNS work in business, and how it function, how it help the business. Once I found the mechanism, it would be easy for me to work.

second, how to open a business as an foreigner.  I am not a foreigner in Korea, but I have green card in US. The Korea classifies me as a foreigner in Korea.
 so that's the thing I have to find out.

when i open an agency, I have to make products to sell. I want to plan about it.
maybe I can send students for a summer camp in US. I have to know how much it costs, how much it cost for living whole summer there, finding home-stay house,,  how much profit i get through it.

I will search through bolgs. so the first thing is finding blogs !

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